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Another Interesting Article on the Federal Estate Tax

Posted by sitlanilaw on November 16, 2009

While Congress has yet to decide what changes to make, if any, to the Federal Estate Tax commentators from around the country have made their opinions known.  This article discussed some proposals in Congress from both parties and also has a brief discussion on various State Estate taxes:


While we still do not know what Congress is going to do with the Estate Tax there seems to be some inkling that they will do something before the end of the year.  If they fail to act then there will be no Federal estate tax in 2010!

If/when Congress does act I will make sure to post something here.


The above information is not intended to provide the reader with any legal advice.  Please contact an attorney licensed to practice in your state with any legal questions. Using this blog does not create an attorney client relationship between you and The Law Offices of David Ravi Sitlani.


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